Professional Development Funds

General Information

Trainees in the Atlanta BEST Program will have access to $1,000 during the 2 years that they are an active Trainee. These funds will allow trainees to participate in professional development activities, such as seminars, workshops, or other BEST program related events.


U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible to receive funding from the BEST Program for professional development activities if they meet the criteria below

Funds will be awarded on the basis of three general considerations:

  1. Merit of the proposed activity
  2. Alignment with the BEST program goals
  3. Timing; activities must take place while the trainee is in an active cohort of the BEST program
  4. Meet Emory's Travel and Payment Policies

Funds are processed on a reimbursement basis. After expenses have been incurred, Trainees will be reimbursed for eligible expenses up to $1,000. Therefore it is important that Trainees get an approved application before they incur the expense expecting to be reimbursed -- in case the application is not approved.

Applying for Funds

  1. Submit an application with documentation
    1. Trainees should first submit an application with documentation of the activity to ensure their participation is eligible for reimbursement
    2. Attach or include  any related material, i.e. abstracts, conference descriptions, agendas, websites, etc
  2. Once your application is approved, trainees may make the purchase
    1. Keep all receipts and get them itemized when possible. All requests must meet the receipt requirements listed here
    2. Emory trainees must book their airfare through Emory’s travel site

Requesting Reimbursement

In order to be reimbursed, Trainees will need to do the following:

  1. Fill out the Reimbursement request form, within 10 business days of the activity being completed or purchase being made. Travel reimbursements and course registrations can only be reimbursed after travel takes place or the course is competed.
  2. Receipts: Attach all receipts to the form. All requests must meet the receipt requirements listed here. Any original receipts (non-electronic) need to be submitted to Tami Hutto, either in person or by mail within 10 days of submission.

Tamara Hutto

Emory University

201 Dowman Drive

209 Administration Building

Atlanta, GA 30322