Data Science Club

In the Spring of 2017, we started an informal club for PhD students and postdocs in the sciences at Emory and Georgia Tech who want to learn about data science and prepare for career paths in that broad space. This all stemmed from a Data Science Career Lab we ran this past spring and had such a high number of students interested in the topic of data science, big data, and statistical skills/careers.

The club now meets once a month on Mondays from 2:00-3:30 in the Claudia Nance Rollins Building at Emory. All are welcome to join us. Trainees that participate have very mixed backgrounds in the sciences and variable experience with programming.

Examples of topics we cover in our meetings

  • Trainees volunteer to do 5-10 minute presentations on skills/techniques they are familiar with or skills they want to learn. We believe the best way to learn is to watch one, try one, teach one!
  • Sharing of good resources to check out/how to use them (i.e. Linkedin, Github, conferences, etc)
  • Many trainees have formed teams to work on data science challenges through Kaggle, so they come and present on the project they worked on in the past month and techniques they used and learned along the way
  • Alumni come back to talk about their career paths and tips foor making the transition. we invited 4 professionals in Atlanta (Emory and GT alumni) to talk about their paths and tips


  • Check out the BEST calendar for events and room numbers
  • If you’d like to be added to the list serve- email Tami Hutto,
  • Join our Slack to get updates, share resources and events, and join teams to practice doing Kaggle challenges
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    • You will be automatically added to the general “channel” check out the other channels and join them or create your own.
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