Frequently Asked Questions

How long of a commitment would I be making if I join the BEST program?

BEST trainees are in the program for 2 years -- however, the 2nd year is mostly an independent exploration where trainees take what they learned from the first year, and put it into action in their second year. The first year has much more programming and the time commitment is higher.

What is the time commitment in year 1 of the program?

Trainees are expected to attend all programming in year 1. Typically this will be once a week from 2-4 hours.

What days/times does BEST cohort programming happen?

Typically will be Thursdays, late afternoon (usually starting around 4 or 4:30). Most session are about 2 hours long, with the exception of the leadership sessions which can be as long as 4 hours for maximal impact.

Where will BEST cohort programs take place?

We switch every 2 months from Emory's campus and Georgia Tech's campus (i.e. Jan/Feb we are at GT and March/April we are at Emory).

What kind of programming can I expect?

We do a range of programming for the cohort only, which include self assessments, leadership series, commercialization series, etc. See the Trainee page for more info.

Can I still apply if I am a postdoc and am looking to find a job soon, possibly before the program is over?

This will depend on your timeline. If you plan to remain at Emory/GT for at least a year, then you are welcome to apply.

Regarding the candidacy and qualifying exams requirements, my department is a little different and I might not meet the requirements in time, can I still apply?

We understand that each program/dept has different timing/processes for this. If you are close to passing your exams and reaching candidacy- YES you can apply and be sure to explain in your application. Or your welcome to email to discuss your situation. 

Does everyone have to do an internship? Will everyone be guaranteed an internship?

We have found that trainees who participate in an internship gain a lot from that experience and make significate progress in the program. The requirement is that it is a part-time, 48 contact hours experience. The BEST program does not match each trainees to an internship opportunity, most trainees find their own internship based on their interests, fit, and connections (though, we certainly help guide this process).

How are internship chosen and structured?

Trainees work with the BEST program, their faculty, and the internship partner to choose and structure a project or experience that will give them a taste of a particular career path. Many have done structured, limited projects. While others have set certain hours to meet with the internship partner on a variety of projects. All we require is that the experience be at least 48 contact hours, and many trainee have gone well beyond with agreement from their faculty and internship partner. 

Where have past trainees done internships?

  • Emory Office of Technology Transfer
  • Defense Forensic Science Center
  • BEST Program, BEST Magazine
  • The Combine Consulting
  • Defense Forensic Science Center
  • Emory, Office of Research Administration
  • Discovery Science Center
  • Emory, Office of Government and Community Affairs
  • Emory, School of Nursing, Office of Communications
  • Gold Star Communications
  • Emory, Center for Science Education
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • National Academies Futures Keck Initiative
  • David J. Sencer CDC Museum
  • Atlanta Science Festival
  • Emory Children's Center

BEST gives BEST trainees $1,000 to spend on professional development, what could I spend that on?

Books on a variety of subjects

  • Certifications- Education, Project Mgmt
  • Workshop/Course Registration
  • Informational Interviewing Expenses
  • Job Interviewing Expenses
  • Internship Expenses
  • Conferences Attendance and Travel
  • Professional Association memberships
  • Business Cards